Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

Every year, my family has a big reunion on the 4th of July. They rent a pavilion, everyone brings food, and there's tons of fun games. They also hold an auction..people can bring family heirlooms, gift baskets, or other miscellaneous items (like jerky, jam, or homemade candles). Needless to say, there are lots of objects available to buy. This year I made my own basket (with my mom's help) called "Brooke's Baking Basket". DUH! There was a bunch of baking utensils and such in it. I also included a few baked goods made by yours truly. There was: 
Chocolate Cake Pops
Toffee Cookies
Banana Bread
Sugar Cookies
Now here's the finished product!
Thanks to my Uncle Alan and Aunt Diane for buying my basket!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Here are the pictures on the Angry Birds cupcakes I made for my sister's birthday party. Half were vanilla and half were chocolate. And of those, half of each kind had classic buttercream and the other half had chocolate buttercream. So there were plenty of choices!
I also made the toppers all by myself. Just printed out the pictures of the birds, and used my moms scrap-booking supplies to add the border to the back. Then I hot glued cake pop sticks to each one. It took me two hours, but it was totally worth it in the end!
For Makayla's birthday present, I had been working on making her something to hang in her colorful flower/butterfly themed room. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was the cutest thing ever! Here's a picture of her when she opened it...
She loved it! And it looks great hanging on her bedroom wall!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lots of cookies!

Last week was my little sister's 6th birthday. And she had a t-ball game the night before. So I made birthday sugar cookies for the kids' after game snack. Plus a bunch of extras for my family (so about 25 total..yikes). There were cupcakes, party hats, presents, and birthday cakes.
I'll be posting pictures of the cupcakes I made for her angry birds themed party in a few days (:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes

So my friend Cassandra's birthday was this past Saturday. And last week during lunch, she jokingly said I should make her some cupcakes for the occasion. But unfortunately, we don't have school on Saturdays (ha!), and we had off on Monday for Memorial Day. So I made some to take for our lunch table today.
They were marble with chocolate buttercream (which i hadn't made before yesterday).
Surprisingly, they were great! I normally don't eat the desserts I make, just taste them. But I had a WHOLE CUPCAKE & I was very happy with how they turned out.
Happy Belated Birthday, Cassandra! Love ya girl!